My Funny Valentine // Miles Davis (CS 9106)

This is one of my favorite Miles albums.  Tastefully recorded under electric circumstances, this live album comes from a 1964 benefit concert, and the material from this concert was put out on two records, this being one of them.  Interestingly, Columbia decided to put the more upbeat, faster tunes on one album (Four And More) [...]

Vince Guaraldi, Bola Sete, And Friends // Vince Guaraldi (Fantasy 3356)

Most people probably wouldn't recognize the name Vince Guaraldi, but most people would immediately recognize his music that ran as the soundtrack to numerous Charlie Brown 'Peanuts' television specials.  From the classic Charlie Brown theme 'Linus and Lucy' to the Christmas standard 'Christmastime Is Here', Vince's music is loved by many, even if they don't [...]

Something Blue // Paul Horn, HiFi Jazz J615

West Coast jazz.  Maybe it's because I'm a Californian, but I think some of the most stimulating, consistently interesting jazz was made near the Pacific Ocean.  The glory days of West Coast jazz were the early 1950's, hitting their stride in the latter half of the 1950's, and they ended around 1960.  The West Coast [...]

Jamal At The Penthouse // Ahmad Jamal, Argo LP 646

A string orchestra in a jazz setting has always been an uneasy relationship, going back to the 1930's.  Many critics deride such Mozart-meets-jazz mashups, claiming the strings sound too sweet and syrupy, that they don't swing, or that they overpower the music so that it's not jazz anymore.  For the most part, those are fair [...]

Cal Tjader Quintet // Cal Tjader, Fantasy 3232

The Music Lullaby of Birdland // Cal Tjader Quintet.  Recorded 1956 Minor Goof // Cal Tjader Quintet. Recorded 1956 Cal Tjader - Vibraphone Manuel Duran - Piano Carlos Duran - Bass Luis Miranda - Conga Drums Bayardo Velarde - Timbales Ah, Cal Tjader.  My favorite vibraphone player and a fellow Californian.  A drummer-turned-vibraphone player, Callen [...]

Riverside Label Fun

Reading the great website of LondonJazzCollector  (here), a site with all types of fantastic and interesting information about jazz vinyl and the collection of same, I came across some interesting information concerning labels and ways to date your Riverside album.  My copy has conflicting information.  According to the knowledgeable folks, albums after 12-272 had the [...]