Tarik, life & times of:bu1a0694

born 1992 in California.  Grew up there.  Became jazz fan in 2003 while in 5th grade (thanks Dad), and have been constantly tapping my foot/snapping my finger ever since. Also began playing trumpet in 5th grade (shout-out to the band teacher for not letting me play saxophone like I wanted).  Discovered Dave Brubeck in 2006, still dealing with consequences.

Graduated from high school in the summer of ’11, briefly studied at a community college. First half of 2012 spent out of school and working.  Went to University down in Dixie in the fall of 2012 as a Nursing major and so far so good.

Became mildly interested in vinyl in 2011, then became an enthusiast the following year as I began to search for Brubeck recordings available only on vinyl.  In the ensuing years, I have built up a decently sized library of records, less than 400 but more than 250.  Being a jazz vinyl collector isn’t just a hobby; it’s a way of life.

To contact me about the site, talk jazz records, or the like, shoot an email at

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