Lighthouse At Laguna // Howard Rumsey’s Lighthouse All-Stars, Barney Kessel, & Hampton Hawes (Contemporary C3509)

If there's one thing that I and the Raggy Waltz staff love more than Brubeck and Desmond, it's starting blog series. Well, here's another one, inspired by the forced Coronacation we're all on. Here in the United States, at least, we're still under travel restrictions and social distancing regulations. As such, I thought it would [...]

Unique Jazz From The Westchester Workshop // The Westchester Workshop (Unique Records LP-103)

It's been a wild couple of weeks for everyone, with uncertainty and anxiousness everywhere. During stressful times like these, my record library takes on the role of a refuge and safe space. It's a place where I can recharge, relax and unwind. Luckily, my record shelves are full of the best stress-reducing medicine I've found: [...]

The Chico Hamilton Special // Chico Hamilton (Columbia CL 1619)

Marching right along with the special Black History Month celebration, here's an album that I got early in my record-collecting career and one that shows how musically diverse black Americans could be, even in one style of music like jazz. In other words, here's an album from a fellow Californian and musical innovator, Chico Hamilton. [...]