Some Noteworthy Items

Regular readers of Raggy Waltz may have noticed the staggering amount of posts that I made last month in March: 0. I had things planned and ideas lined up, but then the world came to a screeching halt and working in a hospital became more dramatic. Here at Raggy Waltz Headquarters, we wanted to bring two things to your attention during the last month but weren’t able to be written about. Check it out!

A New Brubeck Biography

After years and years of waiting and hoping, a much-needed authoritative biography on pianist and composer Dave Brubeck was published on February 18 of this year. Written by UK-native Philip Clark, the book is written in a refreshing manner and brings to light a staggering amount of new revelations and information about Brubeck, his star saxophonist Paul Desmond, and his bands. Coming in at 445 pages (!!!), this work doesn’t hold back anything, discussing Brubeck’s sidemen and their drug addictions, Brubeck’s brush with the Ku Klux Klan, and what jazz luminaries like Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, Charles Mingus, and Duke Ellington really thought about Brubeck and his music/popularity.

With a subject as musically controversial as Brubeck, Clark makes numerous deep-dives into the technical side of the music. This nitty-gritty approach may be a lot for non-musical readers, but it certainly helps convey how radical and innovative Brubeck’s group truly was when it burst onto the musical scene.

Even if you don’t like Brubeck, this book is a great window into the world of jazz in the 1950’s and 60’s. It successfully places Brubeck and more importantly his music in perspective and in context with the jazz scene of the 1950’s and his legacy in music that’s still being felt today. Grab a copy! It’ll be a great way to spend the day if you’re stuck indoors. Here’s the link to the Amazon page.

Interview With Deep Groove Mono

After reading the fantastic jazz vinyl website ‘Deep Groove Mono’ for years, I was honored and flattered to be interviewed by the website creator Richard Capeless for his ‘Jazz Collectors of Instagram’ series last week! Richard Capeless’ awesome website ‘Deep Groove Mono’ was and remains a large influence on me and this here site. After connecting through Instagram, we became friends, shooting the breeze about vinyl, music, and everything in between. When I went on a trip to New York at the beginning of the year, we met up and discovered that in addition to being jazz fans, we shared a love for classical music, and classical on vinyl in particular.

Look ma, I made it!

The interview itself focuses on my vinyl collecting habits, philosophies, and even the equipment that I use. It was a gas being able to spread the gospel of Brubeck and Desmond as well as use my platform to explain my personal approach to the hobby of collecting jazz on vinyl. Check out the interview and Rich’s fantastic site here at Deep Groove Mono!

Rich and I in New York City back in January, with my first New York pizza.

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