How To Mend A Record That Skips And Jumps…With A Toothpick

This may have just saved my life

Every record tells a story

mending a scratched record with a toothpick

It is possible to mend a scratched record – and I’ve done it!

Mending a broken record is the holy grail for many record collectors. Whilst it isn’t as miraculous as walking on water, turning water into wine or any of the other aquatic stunts that Dynamo: Magician Impossible (and some other guy apparently) has performed, it is nevertheless far more useful than the first feat, unless you are a Tory MP who lives in a moat-surrounded castle, unable to risk claiming on expenses the repair bill for a faulty drawbridge.

It also gives you a tremendous feeling of satisfaction when you succeed, similar no doubt to the one Alexander The Great had as he looked across his domain and wept, with no more worlds to conquer.High Tide and Green Grass Rolling Stones

When I say “broken” I’m not referring to one that was in the wrong place at the wrong time during a traditional Greek…

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One thought on “How To Mend A Record That Skips And Jumps…With A Toothpick

  1. Tarik, did you happen to leave a bird watching book at Loma Linda recently? My wife and I found it on a walk, with no one even remotely nearby to claim it. We stuck around for a while, but nobody showed up. We thought it would be better to bring it with us rather than leave it exposed to the elements.

    It looks like something you don’t want to lose. We should find a way to contact each other so I can to get it back to you 🙂

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