Reflections On My African-American Literature Class – Part 1

Second semester of my junior year of college undergrad is now wrapping up.  In particular, my time in African-American Literature II is one project and a final away from being a happy memory.  That class has been a blessing and a curse -a blessing more than a curse.  In short, it was a blessing because of all the great pieces of literature I was exposed to in the class and the fantastic discussions that were sure to follow.  The coursework and quizzes/exams were extremely thorough and taxing, however, and herein lay the ‘curse’.  As a nursing major (easily the toughest major at my university, Oakwood University) and a Resident Assistant at the male freshmen dorm, my time was at a premium this semester and the normally difficult-but-doable workload of this class tested my time management abilities.  Overall however, I really liked the class.  These next few blogs will be about my class and the different experiences I had and some of my favorite moments/subjects in the class.

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